Namify has made a name for itself amongst small business owners, startups, side hustlers, and entrepreneurs as one of the biggest domain name registries. The command has now expanded its service with a new free tool that can help users find thousands of relevant, catchy and meaningful brand names within seconds.

Choosing a brand name for your business can be tricky, and with 835,494 new companies registered in the year to January 2021, it’s even more difficult to think of a unique and memorable brand name.

Namify’s new tool not only conjures up a wide selection of appropriate brand names but also checks domain name and social media handle availability across each brand name suggestion.

Namrata Arya, Namify’s product manager, said: “Unlike other name generators out there, Namify’s Brand Name Generator goes beyond just adding prefixes and suffixes to a user’s search query. It tries to understand the essence of what the query is all about and accordingly generates meaningful names that are actually usable.”

The Brand Name Generator has been designed to minimise the time and effort, as well as the financial resources needed to find suitable brand names for businesses. Users need to enter relevant and specific keywords in the search bar, as well as selecting their industry or sector from a drop-down menu.

The generator then uses the information submitted to formulate valuable and memorable names that are pertinent to the user’s business niche. The suggested names are grammatically correct, meaningful, and sensible.

Each search generates at least 1,000 brand name suggestions, and also includes corresponding availability of domain names on new domain extensions, such as .ONLINE, .STORE, .SITE, .TECH, .FUN, .HOST, .UNO, and more.

The tool also provides social media username availability, as Namify recognises that social media is extremely important to small business owners for marketing and product promotion.

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