Some products have capitalised on the marketing potential of Christmas so much, their brands are now synonymous with the festive season – from Coca Cola to Baileys. Therefore, it can be tempting to revamp your packaging, logo and slogan in time for the holiday to capture the Yuletide audience. However, before changing your entire identity, consider whether this is the best move for your business.

According to Website Planet, it is important to get into the festive spirit to some extent, with writer Sarah Turner saying: “During the holiday months, most consumers are overwhelmed with Christmas and all it entails. If you fail to adorn that seasonal spirit, it’s unlikely you’ll attract customers.”

You don’t want to look like Scrooge during the season of joy, which is why it is a good idea to incorporate some holiday cheer into your campaigns. Simple, but effective, ways to do this include choosing seasonal colour schemes, such as blue and silver, or red and green. 

However, it is important not to make your brand look unrecognisable. Four-fifths of people claim that colour is what helps them distinguish brands, so by changing it, you could lose that familiarity with buyers. 

If it is the colour that makes your product recognisable, as opposed to your font, icon or logo, it is best to stick with your original branding to retain customer recognition. 

Some companies revamp their packaging for the holidays, such as Starbucks’ famous red cups. The huge coffee retailer got it right with this simple redesign, with Zillion Designs saying: “The visual appeal speaks louder than ever and promotes the brand identity in a good way.”

However, it did not recommend this tactic for start-up companies, as having limited time packaging is not economical, and it is not a wise move if you want to get your packaging easily recognised by the target market. 

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