A world first for Seven Tails…

Our client Seven Tails has been attracting lots of attention at BRB in Berlin and the Athen’s Bar Show this month. Showcasing its newly launched ‘Black Fox Spiced’ spirit drink and cementing the brand as the leader in brandy innovation.

A NPD designed and named by White Rabbit to appeal to a similar consumer to spiced rum – someone who wants to add a sophisticated spiced profile to their favourite cocktails or mixer.

The second spirit in their portfolio, it was crucial to maintain the integrity of the branding we created, whilst clearly communicating the drink’s unique spiced flavour profile and affordable price point.

A colour palette reminiscent of the spiced rum category gives familiarity and the notes of coffee bean and toasted vanilla are depicted through floral ingredient illustrations. While a reversed out design is used to standout and allows us to introduce the black fox, a new take on the brand’s icon for redefining brandy tradition.

Black Fox is rapidly gaining listings and wide distribution in the UK, Singapore, Italy and the USA. Watch out for the latest bars and retailers to sell it at: https://www.instagram.com/seventailsbrandy/

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