Twitter Gives Brands Best Practice Dos and Don’ts

Making social media work for your brand can be a challenge for marketing teams as they fight to keep on top of the latest trends, but Twitter has released a report that helps shed some light on how social media users perceive brands on the popular platform.

Twitter’s #RealTalk report involved an analysis of 5,000 unprompted tweets about brands from 1 June 2020 to 1 March 2021, to identify distinct shifts and trends in attitudes about how brands behave on its platform, as well as a survey of thousands of Twitter users in eight different countries.

Some of the highlights include:

Same tweets, different day – Twitter’s survey showed respondents a variety of tweets from various ‘prominent’ brands but removed any identifiable names and logos, but only a third of respondents were able to select the brand that tweeted it from a list of five options.

No jokes – Around half of all respondents believe that brands relied on humour too much on Twitter, and feel that ‘brands that rely on humour and jokes can feel outdated today.’

Posting on current events – Only 7 per cent of global respondents said marketers should not tweet about social and cultural issues (56 per cent agreed they could, while 37 per cent think they should).

Looking ahead, the advice in the report says: “Distinction is everything a brand needs to succeed on Twitter. It’s time to revisit what seems right for your brand, not just what topics are trending, or what other people are jumping in on.”

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