What Are The Best Branding Trends Of 2022?

Whatever the nature of your business or service, you are likely to be entering a saturated market in 2022, where your brand needs something special to give it the edge over its competitors. While there is no one-size-fits-all approach, it’s still worth paying attention to the latest trends.

Although a company’s core values are now considered to be just as important as its aesthetic, the two elements don’t have to be mutually exclusive; in fact, they should inform and enhance each other. Here are some popular themes that have emerged so far this year.

A return to fun and offbeat designs

Much recent branding has become so tasteful and understated as to be ignorable, so some companies are going in the opposite direction, with bold designs that hit you in the eyes. This might be through the use of illustration, bright clashing colours, retro fonts, or deliberately messy layouts.

The unexpected can make the branding memorable, and also attract a wider customer base. Showing a sense of personality and individuality in a crowded market goes a long way, especially in traditionally staid areas such as insurance and banking.

Bauhaus design

The resurgence of Bauhaus inspired design over the last couple of years looks set to continue. The trend can be seen in packaging design, web design, and print media. The movement first developed in German art schools in the early 20th century, and it takes a definite ‘form follows function’ approach.

Its influence can be seen in bold geometric shapes, strong blocks of colour, lines, and sleek, minimalist designs. The unfussy approach and limited colour palettes mean that Bauhaus has a timeless appeal, and the aesthetic can easily be incorporated into a modern branding strategy which will work perfectly in 2022.

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