What Makes Great Packaging Design?

In today’s competitive retail market, healthy sales require more than a product of outstanding quality. It helps to have a strong brand identity to set the business apart, and part of this is great packaging design. So what exactly is the magic ingredient that makes some products extra desirable, and leaves others on the shelf?

Packaging design should strike the perfect balance between aesthetic appeal and functionality. A design that captures the essence of the brand but doesn’t adequately protect and contain the product will be of no use, but an overly functional design will not attract consumers or inspire any sense of brand recognition and loyalty.

Sustainability is also increasingly important in today’s retail environment, as 62% of Gen Z shoppers prefer to buy from sustainable brands, and this includes packaging that is recyclable, or made from recycled materials, and is procured from ethical and renewable sources. Furthermore, 73% of millennials are willing to pay more for sustainable goods.

Another important question to ask is who will be buying the product? If it is for children, then a sense of fun and approachability may be important. On the other hand, adults making high-end purchases may expect the more understated visuals and good quality, sensual packaging materials that luxury items tend to be marketed with.

Consider how consumers will buy the product. For example, if it is mostly sold online, the packaging will need to be robust enough to withstand shipping over long distances, but should also be attractive enough to stand out in a website thumbnail. Products which are going to sit on the shelf of a high-end boutique can be packaged in lighter materials.

Finally, of course, the packaging needs to successfully integrate the design with the essential information that the shopper needs to know. Text should be used to describe the contents and convey anything that’s required for legal reasons.

This post is really just the tip of the iceberg of this fascinating topic, but hopefully it has touched on a few important points! If you need packaging design in Manchester, please get in touch today.