Nailing that listing pitch.

It’s surprising how many food or drink brands with a great product or NPD idea fail to get that listing.

There are many variables that come into play here – existing relationships and range windows to name just a couple! But there are also definitely some critical things to consider to help wow buyers.

It’s easy to overlook some of the below in the often rushed build up:

  • Presentation is key – top digital quality 3D visuals, including POS and examples of fixture will ignite imagination.


  • Even better still, as close to real finish mock ups as possible, get it in their hands!


  • Get your help make your pitch wow – (not everyone has the luxury of an inhouse design team). Bringing it to life visually with animation to help engage and communicate brand message is not something they will see every day.


  • Demonstrate how you will support the brand to give confidence in growth beyond the product and launch.


  • Make sure the commercials stack up – what’s in it for the retailer, what are their margins? It may sound obvious but proving demand for your product and the size of prize can surprise. Not everyone has access to good data!


  • Be clear on how your product fits with their strategy, both retail and sustainability wise, helping tick those boxes will put you ahead.


  • Don’t be shy with your credentials – if you have success no matter how it is distributed, bring it to the table.


So much work goes into developing a new product and creating a brand. We love to help give clients the best chance to shine in every pitch. If you’d like to find out more or chat about an opportunity, get in touch.