Small but Mighty.

A brilliant new no-lo project for our great friends at Symposium Spirits, just in time for Christmas! With consumers seeking a healhier lifestyle, Merser Rum has launched a rum that has been distilled for a fuller flavour. Their ‘Merser Small Rum’ is so rich in character that only one thimbleful is needed for a delicious rum and coke, perfect for those looking to cut back without losing out on that much loved rum taste.

Our task was to create a pack design perfect for any rum lover with a look so good that it would also act as the perfect gift.
We created a colour palette which harmonised with the brand whilst giving plenty of on shelf impact and ensuring a clear difference from the Merser core expressions.

As a new concept to the market, it was clear to communicate the use on the front of pack. We stripped back information down to what was necessary and allowed the brand marque to shine. We also created a concise strapline that appeared on the front of pack giving a simple serving suggestion and an explanation of use for the product.

We used vintage style infographics on back and side of packs to further inspire consumers when using the product and accentuate the Merser story.

The bottle has already proved a huge hit with suppliers and has already achieved a listing in Waitrose within the first 3 months of launching. So pick them up in your local Waitrose:

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