A Nice Drop to Celebrate!

ASDA’s Nice drop range now has a prosecco, the perfect well priced fizz from Veneto. It’s the 11th in the range…

A fact we are definitely celebrating with our client at IPL and proof that the range has been a huge hit with the retailer and consumers alike. It’s no coincidence after just a few weeks it’s already out of stock.

Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best and our name and bold wine droplet graphic make these wines super easy to shop and more accessible to everyone (let’s face it the wine aisle can be a daunting place at times).

With each wine featuring an ode to the grape this one highlights Glera’s elegant apple and pear flavours. Perfect for toasting any success, cheers!

The ‘Nice Drop’ range is now 11 wines strong – read more about the range here, or get in touch to see how we bring your wine project to life!