The key to creative cost saving.

We know budgets are being squeezed as inflation continues to rise, so it’s more important than ever to avoid over spending whether it be on NPD, packaging, brand campaigns or activations.


White Rabbit’s Founder Sarah Senior has put together a few thoughts on how to minimise ‘scope creep’ and avoid costs spiralling.


“First of all, don’t worry, it happens to even the best project managers! Often an unforeseen issue or demands from other stakeholders can push project costs beyond your initial budget.


But with these pointers, you can start to gain better control:


  • Start by outlining the problem you are trying to solve, not how you think it needs solving – that’s the expertise you are paying for.


  • That said, never give total free-rein! Set parameters and make it clear what the objectives and outputs should be.


  • Make sure your project team are in agreement and keep them in the loop as the work progresses.


  • Finally, collate everyone’s feedback at each stage and filter it so it’s easy to understand and can be tackled in one go. Back and forth amends cost time and money!


Some of these may be easier said than done, but if you try to follow these golden rules, they will help to make a difference I promise!”


It’s amazing what can be achieved when these techniques are employed.


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