Symposium Spirits
Brand Strategy / Brand Creation / Naming / Packaging Design / Artwork / Guidelines / Guardianship
Reborn. Reimagined. Respirited.
Sustainable vodka with purpose.
With the growing need and recognition that we should be doing everything in our power to protect our planet and its resources. Our task was to create a new sustainable vodka brand, born from the repurposed grain spirit of our client’s distillery.
Our key challenge was to communicate the uncompromising purity and quality of the liquid, connecting with shoppers looking to make better choices for their planet.
Our creative centered on the quality of the vodka as a starting point, overlaying this with the idea of it being invigorated with positivity. This led us to the name ‘Respirited’ and the strapline ‘re-born, reimagined, respirited’ in a circular motif to represent the notion of reuse.
The brand palette and label finishes had to work particularly hard to overcome aspects that would typically fight against each other – balancing premium cues with the sustainable attributes at the heart of the brand.
All aspects of the brand were considered including the packaging itself – using 100% recycled glass, a sustainable cork and compostable capsule. The label is also printed on recycled paper.
Beyond the packaging, we have worked with the client team to produce sales presentations, e-commerce platforms and brand guidelines and continue to work as guardians for the brand.
“We thoroughly enjoyed working with the White Rabbit Team on the creation of Respirited. The team worked in partnership with us to bring to life our idea of a vodka, created from the by-products of our gin distillation process.  Their creativity and expertise helped guide us through from concept to shelf and was instrumental in both the early success and further development of the brand. The team were great at listening to our thoughts and feedback and capturing this visually as well as being agile to our timeframes.”
Miranda Hayman
Co-owner of Hayman’s Gin