Tilly & Ted
Brand Creation / Brand World / Packaging / Digital
A Happy Pet is a Happy Family.
Feeding our passion for pets.
Tilly+Ted plays to the ‘humanisation’ trend, a key driver in this category, whereby ‘Pet Parents’ see their furry-friends more as children than as pets.
This, combined with the need to feed their fur-babies the very ‘best-of-the-best’ has led to an explosion of exciting innovation and evidence of cross-category pollination that we naturally wanted to explore.
Our concept draws on this trend where semiotics, visual language and tone of voice has been ‘borrowed’ from categories such as wholefoods and baby-weaning and re-imagined as cat and dog treats and pouches.
We also explored what the brand world for Tilly+Ted could look like with OOH campaign, Digital and Merchandising used to bring our lovable rogues to life.