Oscar Mayer
Branding / Packaging Design / Art Direction / Artwork / Digital

Eat-in Night: Sorted!
Speedy brand creation to meet shopper needs.
Oscar Mayer
Branding / Packaging Design / Art Direction / Artwork
Eat-in Night: Sorted!
A fast solution to a growing need.
With consumers struggling with the cost of living and looking for ways to scale back their spending, our task was to create a new meal solution brand to tap into this need. We seized the opportunity to develop a relatable brand that delivered restaurant quality at a fraction of the cost.
The creative centers on the meal occasion, light-hearted, fun and family orientated. The bold hand-rendered brand marque builds on this feel along with the loose placement of abstract shapes. Nothing serious or complicated, just good food for sharing.
Flavour and food values are communicated through a vibrant colour palette and emotive ‘in-the-moment’ photography. The playful tone of voice introduces each delicious dish and puts the family sharing occasion front and centre.
“Working with White Rabbit enabled us to quickly react to meet shopper needs. Their creativity and agile ways of working helped us hit a challenging set of deadlines to deliver a strategic brand that really stands out on the fixture”
Donna Worsley
Head of Brands and Channels at Oscar Mayer.