How To Avoid Packaging Calamities

When it comes to packaging your products, there are some things that might seem very obvious: It needs to be robust enough to prevent damage to the contents inside. It needs to carry clear markers of identification with your firm such as the colours, logo and slogans. And, just as importantly, it must not bear a close resemblance to the packaging of rivals. 

However, it is easy to get this wrong, which is why it’s a wise idea to get the best packaging design agency in Manchester on board to help you get these things spot on

If ever proof was needed of what can go wrong, Mint has provided a list of packaging calamities many firms have made, as well as how they ended up blundering the way they did.

Many of these are practical issues, such as bottles of shampoo that are hard to open with wet hands, or packets of crisps that spill everywhere when opened. Other problems include cuts and other injuries sustained by trying to open packages, or a design that makes it hard to empty out every last bit of the product.

The article explained that often this happens because the design of packaging is an afterthought, since it is a disposable element of the product. The expectation is that the consumer will judge the product entirely on its own qualities – the benefits of using, eating or drinking it.

However, packaging design is something that gets more attention these days, especially where the use of plastic and a preference for sustainable materials is concerned.

For example, Packaging News reported this week that a company called Prodigy has produced the first ever plastic negative chocolate bar. That may be appealing at a time when so many Christmas selection packs will have contained huge amounts of plastic packaging and interest in green issues is so extensive.

Far from being an afterthought, the design of the packaging you use may end up being a key issue for your brand.